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Wet underfloor heating
Water-based systems are continual loops of pipe-work linked to the boiler that pump hot water around rooms beneath the floor surface. The result is the entire surface of the floor can be used to create a large radiant area for heating. This will warm your home or office spaces from the floor upwards and can operate on low temperature water so it’s perfect for use with modern condensing boilers and heat pumps. Research is showing that the demand and popularity for wet underfloor heating systems has doubled over the last five years and is increasingly being used in the new build industry.

• High comfort levels
• Lower running costs
• No need for unsightly radiators or loss of wall space
• Hygienic
• Efficient and compatible with renewable energy sources.

Electric fed underfloor heating
Electric under floor heating is both economical and practical to heat many areas of the home or office. They have gained much popularity in recent years especially when used in smaller rooms such as bathrooms. Electric underfloor heating relies on a network of wiring that heat up under the floor surface. Depending on the shape of the room heat mats can be used which cover large areas, or alternatively individual wires which can reach any awkward spaces. This system can be used under most floor coverings.

• Lower installation costs
• High comfort levels
• No need for unsightly radiators or loss of space
• Hygienic
• Can be used in conjunction with renewable energy such as solar PV.

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